Simplify your publishing workflow

CatFlow is a powerful publishing system with an integrated and efficient CMS. It relays on the design principle of separation of layout, style and content. It allows to publish your content on many different channels and devices using the same tools and concepts.

Being based on web standards and having versatile integration capabilities, CatFlow will run comfortably in complex and heterogeneous environments. It can cooperate easily with existing third-party systems, simplifying your workflow.
CatFlow is a solution that will improve your time to market and generate significant cost savings.

Multi-channel publishing. Refined.

Apps, Web, PDF and more

Multiple channels, with a fast configuration and sane defaults.
Everything within a web-based modern interface.

Quick prototyping

Set up your mockups in minutes, drag and drop standard or custom components to build your pages.
Take advantage of automatic data binding and preview instantly your work.

Open platform, easy integration

CatFlow is a flexible and extensible platform, based on open standards. It allows a seamless integration with web services and third-party system.

Fast time-to-market

Templates, custom widgets, partial layouts, inheritance, publishing rules, media transformations. These are some of the tools at your disposal to create with ease and efficiency your digital products.

Smooth data and social media gathering

With CatFlow data and content can be stored internally or accessed as external sources. This brings a tremendous elasticity and power to the publishing workflow.

Flexible content creation

Create and modify your content with a streamlined editing tool, with powerful collaborative features.
Write a story, search and import external content, manage relationships and set metadata with a focused approach.

Your content on every channel


  • iOS, Android and Windows 10 targets
  • Live updates and notifications
  • Content Analytics
  • HTML and PDF pages, interleaved or layered


  • Dynamic and static pages
  • Easy deployment on multiple platforms (CatFlow, WordPress, Drupal)
  • Responsive pages by default


  • Single-page and multi-page templates
  • Editorial dashboard
  • Conversion to e-book formats, EPUB and Kindle


  • Automatic HTML adaptation for e-mail content
  • Simultaneous publication of e-mails and landing pages


Layout editor: Create pages and templates for Web, Apps and PDF
Manual and automatic pagination
Content editor: Edit the content, bind media assest and create links among data items
Collaborative editing, live notifications and notes
Tree structure for pages on each channel and configuration for data filtering and navigation options
Integrated CMS, with indexing, full-text search and media transformation rules
Fast update for single pages or selected contents
Data import from Excel, JSON, XML, CSV
External data sources, web services and databases
Drag and drop configuration for publishing rules
Roles, teams and privileges

CatFlow is a solution from ePress, a company with more than 15 years experience in the world of Publishing and Cloud systems
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